June 9, 2013

You are You

On monday when I was climbing up the stairs
I saw you standing in front of her place
Peeping eagerly into the key hole with poise
I thought you were a complete jerk on loose

On tuesday I was walking down the road
Saw a commotion and gathered was the crowd
I found you over there shouting at a broad
My mind said you were senseless and loud

On wednesday I was at a multi purpose store
you came in rushing to a lad in the far
He got back his walet dropped somewhere near
I felt you had certain values for sure

On thursday I was at a meet out of town
I found you in discussion among several other men
you stood up and walked away before your turn
I was sure you were dumb and avoiding the spin

On friday I had myself locked in the house
I saw you on TV speaking for a cause
you had support from many in the premise
You seemed like a person with potential to rise

On saturday we spoke to each other for change
All my assumptions came back in range
I made another attempt at giving you a badge
you didn't seem like any of those apple berry or orange

On sunday I sat back and thought for a while
Did I even know myself totally as a whole
I had not missed any opportunity to judge and label
You were you right in front of me alive and real 

 Photo courtesy www.fineartamerica.com

March 10, 2013

The dialogue between Spirituality and "Isms"

                                    We being social animals have an innate need to belong. The societies around us have devised different ways to meet this need in the form of "isms". Off late I am compelled with an internal drive to think about the sense behind the individualism and collectivism and what comes naturally to us with my limited practical understanding of "isms".

Let me begin with few assumptions I make in my life.  Firstly the connectedness of the universe and all the beings which exist on the universe. I have grown to believe that universe is a sum whole of complete existence dancing in sync with each other to their own tunes just the way earth revolves around the sun but also around itself . I see universe as a huge tree which holds life in different forms together as the stem, leaves, seeds, fruits etc. Here each one though has a unique existence in a given time, would have been something else to start with and has the potential to become something else. One if sensitive can notice the different ways in which universe responds to our queries through people, events or objects. Hence connectedness is felt by us in one way or the other.

In Individualistic cultures when we relate to others, it originates out of inner need or desire to belong. It would start from the awareness of the need in congruence with the self. On the other hand collectivism facilitates the belonging from the other direction. In collectivism when the belonging is enforced it need not happen with awareness but with conflict.Belonging is pain as well as pleasure to humans. When it happens from awareness from the position of natural drive, responsibility and the acceptance can come easier than when it happens from the position of ignorance. Collectivism might look like groups in harmony however there could be large extent of incongruity in shared relationships & the relatedness due to the compulsion factor leading to hippocracy. 

An Individual in collectivist society might say that "I am required to, and obliged to take care of my family and community else it's a sin. Society will point fingers towards me & the higher power will punish me for being selfish". An Individual from individualistic culture on the other hand might say that "I am happy with myself. But seems like family holds an importance for me hence I would like to care for the family, at least extend my support to few who really matter to me". When the actions are driven by self, self is in harmony & forward moving. When it is driven by collective whole self tends to be ignorant & compelled to move in sync with the group which naturally is diverse and can hardly do justice to the movement of self. We cannot compel the earth not to move around itself in the process of moving around the universe. Specially in the hierarchical collectivists like India, the dominants shape the movement of society & guide as well as restrict the movement of individuals. For instance the family head decides what is best for the rest of the family. In the process, ignoring the individual essence in satisfying collective essence.

When we operate from the level of self, we might argue that self might become too involved with itself, materialistic, pleasure oriented and defeat the society along with the essence of belonging. That's where we have the role of education which can teach the essence and role of others along with existence of oneself. It can help one to look at the bigger picture from the beginning and help him realize how he can contribute to the bigger picture in his own journey. It can teach the self to operate from the position of enlightenment rather than ignorance and hold the essence of self in relation to the whole or the universe. We cannot erect a house as it is from the beginning but need to lay the bricks one by one to take the shape of beautiful whole. So neither the individualism nor the collectivism as it is practiced today is fostering a healthy society as life is neither about creating machines without values nor about values without meaning. Let the belonging happen in the true way it's supposed to happen with the aid of life enhancing education.

August 31, 2011

Why do I like you

You are the thought which I never did share
you are the sunshine on the bed of the river
zeal in the life and stern in the ways
I like you for the life you bring into my days

You are the book which has more to be read
you are the road which runs in my head
friendly in manners and seeker in the path
I like you for acting towards the growth

You are the mountain strived to be climbed
you are the moment that never seem to fade
depth in the eyes and purpose in the stride
I like you as you seem to understand

You are the song with a million verse
you bring the brightness into thousand suns
Hope in the dark and courage in the distress 
I like you for the childlike glitter in the eyes

You are the wish one that fills the heart
you are the witness of the pain and the sweat
a hand in the hand and a shoulder in the need
I like you for adding colors to the ride

June 18, 2011

To all that matters..!!

Beautiful is the sky, shining are the days
When you are allowed to choose your ways
fly like a bird and embrace the universe
Freedom is undoubtedly the biggest one which matters

Each day is a new one and each moment a bliss
When one is engaged in simulating fresh thoughts
explore the world and analyze the facts
Learning is the highway for mind boggling avenues

While walking down the path through ups and downs
those angels look into your soul through your eyes
How nice is to accept one for the person he is
Taking us closer to ourselves is the essence of connections

Steady is the stride and eyes that oozes confidence
It takes a healthy body and mind to carry the purpose
Loosing either would slow down the life's force
Don't we require sheer will to preserve the health that soars

Imagine an earth with the singular presence
The nature and you alone living through the years
Thankfully life's container generously holds plenty of others
Shouldn't we share care and love all that matters..!!!

Image for this post is from http://wakeuplikealion.wordpress.com

February 3, 2011

The colors of life : Soul Sisters

                                                          I can swear she is one in the million. The way she can care for others and the extent to which her patience spreads can be compared to the ends of ocean. Her creativity and poetic heart cannot be fully understood or compared. She can totally make or break a man's heart. Thank you my dear star for the brightness your radiance brings into my life.

  She knows to complete the task ones she takes up one. Her wit originates straight from her naughty eyes. She might be a mother but yet a child. I cannot remember a single instance of disagreement or heartache between you and I. How fond are those memories of pleasant struggle we had. you always would be with me my dear lily where ever you are.

She has the looks which can make queen Cleopatra shy. The charm and the grace flourishes with each step high. More beautiful is her heart which can fight with head high and the mind like a blank page eager to be painted with all the colors in sky. I'll be with you my dear Dove, till you fly.

Her  maturity is that of a saint and her zeal like the life. Her humbleness surfaces from her adventurous heart. The life has molded her into a statue serene. The years to come would certainly bring in several pleasant surprises for the heart that is open. You are the one who entered my life in matter of hours. I would always strive for more of you my dear angel.

You have it in you to see the other side of the pasture.I would come running for your advice here and there. You were the symbol of strength from as long as I remember. who would know the heart which is weary and soft underneath the stubborn exterior. One day you would unveil your real potential I am sure. You are more than what you think my dear feather.
The smartness and strength is in each inch of your sweet self. you have the dreams as high as alp. The depth in your eyes can hold one for how much ever you like. I know my little mother India has it in her to set her life the way she likes.You widen my world my dear rabit.

 You came into my life as fresh breeze of changes. You gave me strength when I was loosing myself. You seemed to posses flawless wits and smartness. It was with you that I peeped into the better side of life. I cannot forget that first rafting we did together. I would admire your will to face the things as they are my dear lotus.

 You are rarely yourself. There are very few instances of us talking straight. But what about those moments when you show what you are made up of. What about that might and strength in the little cute self.  You are a fighter and bring a different perspective to my life my dear dew drop.

How can we call one elder just because their age points there. The fights that we had would have qualified us for WWE. aren't there so many nights we spent talking with each other about nothing. What about those walks we had all over the town. You made those moments special my dear moon.

Who would have known the girl behind that woman, smart and matured. Isn't it very rare that you trust someone with your tender side my dear. Your responsibility towards life and commendable smartness make you stand apart from the crowd. May your life be as beautiful as your smile my dear rose.
She is daring and brave. She knows to find her way however hard and sober. She will not stop ones she starts to blabber. I will not forget all those journeys in the bus we had together. You would find your way and make it smoother my dear lavender.

She knows how to take life sportively. The combination of paratha with everlasting chat is memorable. was it 2 or 3 years we were together. meet sometime we have things to share, So when are you visiting next my dear chandelier.

 She is silent yet strong. She wouldn't miss a single news or reality show. She would make the best lunch partner you would ever have. Hope you sometime return the calls my dear strawberry.

Thank you my colors for being in my life

November 3, 2010

What's your idea of fun..??

                                                 We as individuals have million ways of defining fun. Each one as a unique being, has very own perspective of looking at the lighter side of life. Undoubtedly the perception shapes up or changes the form as we grow into the depth of time. Yesterday when I was traveling back from office I had a surge of happiness spreading into all over my being. I, all of a sudden felt like raising myself up towards skies and thank universe for everything. Today still in the same waves felt like expressing the idea of fun my heart proliferates.

The first factor which goes into this idea is pushing ourselves. When we go beyond our limits and try something fresh we feel good. For instance I felt heavenly when I got up one fine day and successfully completed my first mini marathon without any practice. Through out the run I was deeply tempted to give in. However I managed to complete it and experienced a heavenly bliss. It was the same effect when I just gave in and danced continuously for 4 hours given the breath taking skill sets I posses here...;) I observed same effect shaping up whenever I took time to thoroughly analyses a subject and understand the logic behind it. As human beings we constantly look for more and crossing the existing limits is one way of experiencing the bliss.Here the key is to push ourselves to extremes in whatever we are doing.

Another important factor is to look at the positive side of the situation we are in. Any situation has severals facets to it's credit and as a person who basically embraces life as an asset one would first look at all the positives and later handle the negatives. I spend around 2+ hours traveling everyday given the distance between my home and work place. Whenever I think about it, the undisturbed time I get during these hours to be with myself and relax comes into my mind. I also get to read a lot, listen to music, watch videos or simply sleep off and relax along with the prospectus of embracing the world around me. In parallel I constantly think towards making this time well spent.

Well, now to be factual one of my ideas of fun is to travel around the world, to start with the nukes and corners of own country, by bike, In worst case by a car and feel the life flowing in each and every corner of the world. Of course the company plays an important role here. Like minded people taking time to explore the life is most valuable gift we can offer ourselves. This idea makes me ecstatic and takes me to another world. I know that as life matures ones idea of fun might change however at this moment I cannot think of a better way of spending time. I would be anxiously waiting to know your idea of fun as well...:))

Image for this post is from http//kissingtherain-lovinit.blogspot.com

September 29, 2010

Heart broken Belle

It was the eve of the new year
the crowd was having a time, merry and dear
Unknowingly her eyes fell on the near by door
entered a stranger with the casualness of a hunter
that was where he broke her heart

He had the grace of a lion and voice of the thunder
when he spoke, the crowd did marvel with wonder
In no time did he become the focus center
his eyes kept searching for someone in particular
that's why he broke her heart
In a while he advanced towards her
Her gaze went down and heartbeats became faster
there was ten feet between him and her
his hands extended but towards best friend of her
that was when he broke her heart

Her friend seemed to be enjoying the party to the core
Crowd cheered when they danced together
then came that moment she was introduced to the charmer
finally she met her friend's wonderful brother
that's how he broke her heart

She heard something ringing from far
Stranger suddenly vanished in the thin air
the bed was on the cot and her on the floor
bedroom seemed fresh and shining with color
Yes, It's true he broke her heart...!!

September 19, 2010

A Beautiful choice called life

                              Are you one of them who would stand on the umpteenth floor of a huge tall building, erect against the chaos of the ever growing metropolitan, taking a casual look at the plain looking ground, stretching across the peripheral of concrete monsters. If you have an eye for details you would have noticed mushrooms of little huts raising their heads on that wide ground, leaving little fuss about their existence. There might be few male folks completing the morning call and freshening up wherein their female counterparts sitting in front of the naked fireplace busy in stirring something boiling in the pot. You also would have shifted your gaze towards few little kids already calling for a fight against each other with still sleep stuck appearance.

        Have you ever thought about their life style against our ultra modern overly sophisticated well executed as a circus show lifestyle. Initially, whenever I stared at those kids who also were kids of this world, as young and adorable as the ones in our own houses, when ever I saw construction workers living in those messes and busy in building dreams of someone else, paying close attention to tiniest details of the architectural wonders to be handed over to owners in a span of couple of months, my heart went out for them and I used to ask myself all sort of whys, ifs, and buts.

Then came an answer as a fresh breeze after a thorough introspection.. I asked myself If I awe about my CEO of the company who might be many levels above me, and If I really bother if Ambanis built several store buildings for their solitary dwelling and also if I feel bad for myself watching Hamilton make a fortune behind the wheels of McLaren-Marcedes. I seem to be interested the least about the gala time Angelina Jolie had in Miami and I simply do not seem to care if our house was looking over a magnificent villa, which has a poise of a white elephant. It might matter to some extent if I had to climb down few steps and if the standard of living of mine lowered significantly but not otherwise. It might matter if I did not have anyone who could peep into my heart. It might matter if I imagine that people around me are just flesh and blood without a single emotion. It might matter if I am forbidden to dream and to catch up with my dreams. It might matter If spend a lifetime lazing around.


I eventually have come to a stand that life for anyone is not a chance but always a choice where one has thousand and one ways to take a call suiting oneself. If those kids of construction workers are bothered about people having a blast in huge building, just beside their non existent house, they had a choice before them to attain it. Would they bother is another question. All of us seem to love our life with a sheer will. The delicate beads of life seem to be hooked with magnificent patience. In most of the cases terminally ailing bed ridden lady also would not like to give in and accept the escapade called death willingly. Life is such a force which cannot be shaken unless we make that choice to shake it.

         I sometimes wonder what really is the sole motive of our lives, which in most of the cases seems to be oblivious to the people situations and lives of others around us. Coincidentally I seem to have come to that conclusion where many of us stand in one or the other scenario. Life is not the way we perceive it from the surface but has too many different things, which undoubtedly go a lot deeper. The major one amongst them is not materialistic however most valuable. The ulterior motive of every being is to attain that joy and happiness which have a tendency to originate from inside and spill out after the container cannot hold it any more. And it is this trivial emotion which decides the basic choices of humans. One cannot do anything about others lives except to respect the choices they are making and way they are taking their life forward. Finally If one is chasing happiness in one's life, I am sure he isn't looking back in his marathon.

             I might have left you all yawning and confused with little bit of philosophy which most of us pretend to be allergic to. However I had to convey my thoughts on this topic. I also am holding myself back from sharing few interesting incidents I have come across so far. I won't promise here that I might keep those to myself for long..;)

Bye for now...Be happy be motivated....!!!

September 11, 2010

Meditation : My first picture of it

                                                   Meditation was something which made me curious. According to my observation the coolness factor associated with meditation for today's youth seemed poor compared to that associated with other adventures.With my limited knowledge about meditation I was not sure why people do it and if it really has any effects on our mind and body.

Recently when I came across some of the osho's methods of meditation I was all excited. After taking a look at all the active meditation techniques however was little disheartened to know that there isn't one which can be observed for maximum 5 minutes according to my expectations..;) However I was not the one to give up. The warrior was already in the battlefield and the battle couldn't be recalled even if she comes across 10 wrestlers in the opposition.

My saga of meditation started with a meditation method called dynamic meditation.To avoid portraying a picture of a crazier kid than I already was in front of my worried sister I decided to start with my new venture on a day when she isn't around at our place.This particular meditation spanned across an hour. There were 5 steps in it wherein each step went on for 10-15 minutes.  throughout the process one was supposed to observe the actions of the body as just a spectator. With full on energy I switched on the music and started with the first step.

                                                     In first step I was supposed to take deep breath with a concentration on exhale part and also to build the energy in parallel using constructive body movement. In this step everything seemed fun. I was taking deep breath with a relaxed body and observant mind. Eventually switched to the second step where I was supposed to express different emotions aloud. Now this was little difficult considering two things. One of them was the strange silence which fell in the crowd of the kids playing in the road next to the house in first few minutes  and second was the limited number of sounds which came to my mind when I was trying hard to express..;) Just to avoid these additional hassles I had to go on with the emotions without sound..!!! Finally 10 minutes passed. Next step was to shout the mantra "Hoo Hoo Hoo" and to jump on the toes with raised hands . This initially was fun however in next few minutes realization came that jumping with raised hand and closed eyes isn't a cakewalk. Every other minute one or the other wall fancied blocking my way and was trying to knock me out. I was not the one to be distracted by these tough creatures who couldn't go and bump my computer which was playing the music instead. I however continued my adventure.

                          When I started with this stint I never realized that step which is most important would also be the toughest. Here comes the fourth step where one must stop and freeze in the last position assumed. As third step expects raised hands there was no question of  assuming a relaxed pose here. I had to freeze with my hands raised. Poor warrior in me was struggling to save her ego. It was becoming impossible to have the hands raised and observe the things happening to body as if mind is a separate entity. The observer was insisting the hands to be raised and hands however had settled for the role of rebel stars. they slowly started to descend and by the time 15 minutes crossed hands had already come down..;)
Next 15 minutes were supposed to be dedicated to celebration dance with eyes closed. For a tired body celebration sounded like devastation however it managed to do something like dance for those 15 minutes and call it a day. Next 5 minutes I felt like an overworked construction  worker with totally strained legs and numb hands...This is how my first day at meditation went.

On a serious note, I am not trying to convey here that meditation is impossible or that we can judge any new effort, we put in for the self growth, in one attempt or few attempts. I seriously feel that we need to have certain level of discipline and need to devote a quality time if we really want to explore fresh things and experience the unknown. Ultimately it's about what we want from all these and how far we dare to go....Go ahead...try it yourself for a couple of days to experience and find out what meditation can offer you...Any activity worth mentioning for me might be worth giving a try for you...!!!